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The Master Chefs

Chef Tony Wu, Tin Tin Seafood Harbour

On 18, Feb 2013 | In | By admin

Chef Tony Wu, Tin Tin Seafood Harbour

A native of China, Chef Wu Yong Dong began his formal culinary training in Tianjing. He worked in various restaurants in China before moving on to cook his way around the world – Thailand, Japan and the USA. As a specialist in Imperial-style cooking and the regional Chinese cuisines, Chef Wu has perfected culinary techniques that are the envy of chefs worldwide. Chef Wu’s creative and skillful talents attracted the attention of renowned celebrity chef Martin Yan who engaged him as Chief Consultant for his Yan Can restaurant. In his 27-year career, he has won many awards including the three gold medals at the 5th World Competition of Chinese Cuisine representing Canada in Guangzhou, China and the International Chinese Culinary Master recognized by the World Association of Culinary Cuisine (WACC). He has also been titled as the International Culinary Arts Ambassador of the Chinese Restaurant Awards since 2011. Pu Zuo, younger brother of the last Chinese Emperor Pu Yi, once tasted Chef Wu’s Imperial-style cooking and described it as “an art inherited from Imperial chefs.”

Chef Tony Wu was the culinary director and executive chef at
Tin Tin Seafood Harbour
3711 No. 3 Rd
Richmond, BC V6X2B8
Tel: (604) 370-3883