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The Master Chefs

On 24, Mar 2020 | In | By Chinese Restaurant Awards

Chef Huang Wuhun, HL Peninsula Catering Group Guangzhou

A native of China, Chef Huang Wuhun began his formal culinary training in 1985. His passion to explore and taste delicacies ignited his intensity and dream to become a professional chef. Currently he’s managing eighteen restaurants in China and Vancouver under HL Peninsula Catering Group. The group’s President, Mr. Li Yongzhou, has been the inspiration for Chef Huang by elevating his culinary techniques and creations. In 2005, he was awarded the prestigious Commanderie des Cordon Bleus de France and Disciples d’Auguste Escoffier and Disciples d’Augste Escoffier, which became the first significant recognitions of his culinary mastery. In China, he has also been titled as the International Chinese Culinary Chef (2006), Gold Executive Chef by China Culinary Association (2008) and GuangNing Chefs Association’s Gold Director Chef (2012).

Chef Huang Wuhun is the Culinary Director and Executive Chef at
HL Peninsula Catering Group, Guangzhou China