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The Master Chefs

On 18, Feb 2013 | In | By admin

Chef Andy Liu, Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant

Chef Andy Liu Zhi Hua has over 30 years of experience in Chinese kitchen. A native of Zhongshan, China, he began his career at the Chinese restaurant at Zhongshan Hotspring Hotel in 1982. He is one of the “Abalone King” Yeung Koon-Yat’s students and acquired the master’s skills of cooking precious abalone gourmet dishes. After perfecting his craft at renowned hotel restaurants including Zhongshan International Hotel in Zhuhai China, he came to Vancouver in 1994. He has been working at the awards winning Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant in Richmond since 1999. Chef Liu’s culinary skill and creativeness shine through whenever he cooks. He likes sharing his culinary art and expertise with the younger chefs.

Chef Andy Liu was the executive chef at
Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant
150-8888 River Road
Richmond, BC V6X 1Y7
Tel: (604) 232-0816