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The Master Chefs

On 18, Feb 2013 | In | By admin

Chef Timmy Tsui, Big Chef Restaurant

Chef Timmy Tsui Tak Tim focuses on bringing new elevation to traditional Chinese cuisine. He is well respected by his dedication to choose the finest ingredients and maintain hygiene for his own battleground, his kitchen, that he believes are overall very essential to the dining public. Chef Tsui started his culinary career at several renowned restaurants in Hong Kong since 1964. He moved to Vancouver in 1990 and has experienced the major flow of the local Chinese culinary trend. He now has the dual role as executive chef and owner at Big Chef Restaurant, which is jointly related with the renowned Big Chef Restaurant in Guangzhou, China. His “wok hay” dishes have been the essence of the cause to win the awards winning dish titles and are always recommended by food critics and his loyal diners, especially his wife who is always his biggest fan.

Chef Timmy Tsui was the owner and executive chef at
Big Chef Restaurant (Permanently closed)
1060 – 8580 Alexandra Road
Richmond, BC V6X4B3
Tel: (604) 207-0386