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The Master Chefs

On 17, Nov 2016 | In | By admin

Executive Chef Wu Wenbin, yè shanghai, Shanghai

Chef Wu Wenbin, the executive chef of yè shanghai, joined yè shanghai in Jan, 2002. As an authentic shanghai chef, he spent a lot of time studying on Shanghai cuisine and been sent to yè shanghai Tokyo to provide Shanghai cuisine training to the chefs there for 6 months in 2005.

The Philosophy Behind yè shanghai Cuisine

“In the years that I’ve been cooking, Shanghai cuisine has evolved from a local one with strong flavors to one that is more cosmopolitan, reflecting the changes and growth in the city. While our cooking at yè shanghai is firmly rooted in classical Shanghai cuisine, it, too, is a reflection of this rapidly changing city,” he says.

Chef Wu explains that traditional culinary techniques utilizing a broader selection of ingredients characterize the dishes at yè shanghai, and that the philosophical approach reflects influences from around the country, and around the world. For example, spices from Sichuan that normally would not find a place at a Shanghai table appear in more subtle form in certain yè shanghai dishes; bread is served with the Shanghai-style minced chicken; and the selection of desserts – some including butter! – is much wider than was traditionally offered.

“One of the challenges for someone who has been cooking as long as I have is to keep things fresh and interesting. Luckily, the pace of change in Shanghai, and the philosophy of innovation in the yè shanghai kitchens, allows me to do just that,” says chef Wu.

Chef Huang Wufen is the executive chef at
yè shanghai
Shanghai Shi,
Huangpu Qu,
Huangpi S Rd, 338
Tel: +86 21 6311 2323